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Professor Dr. Haslinda
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Our specialised and earnest focus towards becoming an excellent reference point in the field of quantitative sciences is resoundingly reflected in our programmes which focus on quantitative methods while developing inquisitive and critical minds through scholarly endeavors. In addition, we equip our students with scientific knowledge to ensure their competitiveness in a technologically-driven environment. It is also our obligation to nurture the young minds into becoming skilled decision makers. In this Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), we are confronted with an array of new technologies which are born from the merging of the digital, physical and biological worlds. 4IR is fundamentally altering the manner in which we live, work and communicate.

In preparation for the new era, our approach to education needs to stretch holistically, ensure profound knowledge in problem solving, and develop values and empathy in embracing global citizenship. Students are assured to be equipped with critical thinking, logical analysis, computational skills, and problem solving so that they are well-prepared for a wide range of careers in industry, finance, education, private sectors and government agencies. We are looking into creating an 'entrepreneurial mindset' for inclusive solutions, with the ability to cultivate empathy, develop problem solving skills, be enthusiastic about collaborative learning and take responsible risks to act.

We are committed to continuously review and improve the existing programmes as well as develop new ones to ensure that our graduates are ready to enter the job market and face the challenges in the fastest growing sectors of modern economics. Moreover, we strive to work hard to provide a conducive teaching and learning environment for our staff and students. To the prospective students of School of Quantitative Sciences, your future is in great hands. You can count on us!