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Second Published 2021

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The 3rd Young Researchers' Quantitative Symposium (YRQS2021: Sintok)

e-Proceedings of the 3rd Young Researchers' Quantitative Symposium 2021: Enriching Knowledge and Innovation through Quantitative Sciences: 12 January 2021, School of Quantitative Sciences (SQS), Universiti Utara Malaysia

Editors: Hashibah Hamid, Sharmila Karim, Nik Nadhilah Nik Mohd Yusoff & Nur Hazera Md Radzi

e-ISBN 9789672276425
1. Quantitative Research
2. Enriching Knowledge and Innovation
3. Young Researchers

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Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Kamal bin Mohd Nawawi (Dean of SQS)

Prof. Madya Dr. Hashibah binti Hamid

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Dr. Nur Azulia binti Kamarudin

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Puan Nik Nadhilah binti Nik Mohd Yusoff
Cik Nur Hazera binti Md. Radzi

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Prof. Madya Dr. Hashibah binti Hamid

Congratulations to all UUM students who have successfully presented their work at the 3rd Young Researchers’ Quantitative Symposium (YRQS 2021) that was held virtually on 12 January 2021. I am pleased to have witnessed a good number of papers, from both our Postgraduate and final year Undergraduate students. In line with the theme of the symposium, “Enriching Knowledge and Innovation through Quantitative Sciences”, the papers demonstrate the students’ academic knowledge and novelty in their work especially in the aspect of quantitative sciences. Theories and applications of quantitative science areas were discussed and presented in YRQS 2021 and documented in the corresponding articles. To ensure access and ease of sharing of these academic knowledge, YRQS 2021 has compiled the articles into e-proceeding.

I sincerely hoped that this event will develop students’ interest in research and further improve their communication skills in the form of scientific writing and oral presentation. Also, it is with great hope that the symposium will continue to be held annually and thus, provide a platform for nurturing great minds!


Thank you for all the support given to YRQS 2021 ^=^


Chairman of YRQS 2021