Sintok, 23 March 2021 -  The upcoming 5th Innovation and Analytic Conference and Exhibition (IACE) 2021 will be hosted by the School of Quantitative Sciences (SQS), Universiti Utara Malaysia College Arts & Sciences (UUM CAS) and co-hosted by the Mathematics and Physics Department, University of Santo Tomas (UST), Philippines. The virtual conference themed “What's Next? Surfing the BIG Data Waves” will be held from November 23rd to 24th November 2021. A virtual meeting has been conducted on 23rd March 2021 between IACE 2021 organizing committee members from SQS, UUM CAS, headed by Prof. Dr. Haslinda Ibrahim, and faculty members of the Department of Mathematics and Physics, College of Science, University of Santo Tomas (UST), Philippines, headed by the dean, Prof. Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa, to discuss conference matters and possible collaborations including key speakers, members of the scientific committee, paper reviewers, manpower in terms of moderators and facilitators for parallel sessions, and paper presenters among faculty and students. Chair of organizing committee, Prof Dr. Haslinda Ibrahim, expressed her delight to have UST as a part of IACE2021 organizing team to make the conference a successful event. Prof. Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa said, “we are very happy and very honored to have the collaboration, and jointly co-host the IACE2021 conference this time.” He also added that UST will also provide support in terms of continuous promotion through official social medias, especially among local and national professional organizations in Mathematical Society of the Philippines. Also, the discussion has touched on the potential of offering other publication opportunity in UST special issue journal for selected invited participants.

The fruitful meeting marks the official collaboration with the UST that would foster internationalization among ASEAN universities. For more information about IACE2021, one may check the official website at http://sqs.uum.edu.my/iace2021.