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Bachelor of Science with Honours (Industrial Statistics)

Aug 04 2014

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Industrial Statistics) (B.Sc. (Ind. Stats.) (Hons))

Code : UG06

The Bachelor of Industrial Statistics (Honours) at the Universiti Utara Malaysia College of Arts & Sciences (UUM CAS) in Malaysia is a 135-credit hour (at least) education programme in the field of industrial statistics. UUM CAS' 4-year Bachelor of Industrial Statistics (Honours) equips students with the knowledge necessary to make decisions using statistical techniques. Students gain an in-depth understanding of statistical techniques, software technology as well as of management in the focused of transportation, manufacturing and services industry.
Upon completion of the Bachelor of Industrial Statistics (Honours), graduates are well-prepared to launch successful careers as industrial statistics, working as, for instance, statisticians, bank officers, quality assurance engineers, data analysts, or production engineers.


Programme Learning Outcome Domain:

               LOD 1   To gain knowledge and exposure of statistics and industries.
               LOD 2   To be able to apply theories, concepts, principles and methods of statistics in focussed industries namely logistics, manufacturing and other sectors that involve
                            research and development (R&D).
               LOD 3   To be able to perform statistical analyses critically and analytically, while evaluating and solving problems scientifically.
               LOD 4   To communicate and cooperate effectively in a community to solve problems scientifically.
               LOD 5   To possess good interaction skills and be responsible in decision making.
               LOD 6   To practise professionalism, noble and good ethics in fulfilling the industrial needs of the country.
               LOD 7   To be adept at managing information and seeking for job opportunities and -life-long learning for enhanced professionalism.
               LOD 8   To practise managing skills and entrepreneurship skills in planning and decision making.
               LOD 9   To produce leaders who possess high accountability in executing responsibilities.


Admission Requirement [MATRICULATION | STPM | STAM | DIPLOMA]

Programme Structure [DOWNLOAD]

Application (For International Student) [CLICK HERE]

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