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Bachelor of Science with Honours (Decision Sciences)

Aug 04 2014

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Decision Science) (B.Sc. (Dec. Sc.) (Hons))

Code: UG22


Decision Science is a discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. Decision Science knowledge can be applied in virtually every area of business and government, from health care, transportation, city planning, to manufacturing, finance and marketing. Thus, this program aims to produce students who possess knowledge and skills for scientific decision making; possess sufficient knowledge in integrating other field areas such as economy, management, humanities, as well as having knowledge in quantitative science; and apply the knowledge through practical and other lifelong learning activities. The structure of the program consists of three major parts; courses, co-curricular activities and practicum. It is structured to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach in enhancing and enriching the personal development through programming, decision support systems, simulation techniques, operational research, heuristic techniques, and research methodology. The graduates who possess qualification in this field will be able to find a stimulating and rewarding career in many potential fields especially in organizations which face challenging decision making situations where they require skilled people who can integrate many fields and equipped with good analytical skills in order to make better decisions.

Programme Learning Outcome Domain:



Apply knowledge of mathematics, probability, statistics, operational research/decision science and operation management, as well as information and communication technology (ICT).




Design, model and solve real world and hypothetical problems, and thus able to analyse and interpret data using contemporary computer tools.




Use quantitative techniques, modelling skills and contemporary decision science tools for industries, public institution and society.




Communicate effectively orally, graphically and in writing, and function in culturally diverse, gender-diverse and multi-disciplinary teams.




Integrate and synthesize organisational issues, and evaluate potential solutions in the broader context of the organisation or society.




Participate in lifelong learning, career advancement activities, and keep up-to-date with knowledge of emerging technologies.




Commercialise tangible and intangible decision making products, in the form of written, oral and electronic media.




Carry out professional and ethical responsibility.




Portray leadership and accountability, and exercising management and decision making skills.


This programme has received accreditation by the Malaysian Qualifications RegisterMQR and the ASEAN University Network Quality Assuranceaun-qa


Admission Requirement [MATRICULATION | STPM | STAM | DIPLOMA]

Programme Structure [DOWNLOAD]

Application (For International Student) [CLICK HERE]


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