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Bachelor of Science with Honours (Business Mathematics)

Aug 04 2014

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Business Mathematics) (B.Sc. (Bus. Math.) (Hons))

 Code: UG33

The Bachelor of Business Mathematics (Honours) at the Universiti Utara Malaysia College Arts & Sciences (UUM CAS) in Malaysia is a 122-credit education programme in the field of business mathematics. UUM CAS' Bachelor of Business Mathematics (Honours) provides students with quantitative problem-solving skills such as algebra, statistics, and calculus. Students gain the ability to apply mathematical methods, concepts, and principles to areas such as business and finance. Students construct appropriate mathematical arguments in order to create mathematical models.


Programme Learning Outcome Domain:

         LOD 1   Acquire knowledge of mathematical concepts and theory.
         LOD 2   Apply problem solving skills using mathematical methods and concepts in related fields.
         LOD 3   Analyse mathematical problems critically and systematically, as well as selecting precise and comprehensive solution.
         LOD 4   Communicate effectively with peers, clients, superiors and society.
         LOD 5   Practice social skills through consultations, interviews and counselling and also be willing to accept guidance and responsibility.
         LOD 6   Apply information management and engage in the pursuit of lifelong learning.
         LOD 7   Able to manage and acquire entrepreneurial skills.
         LOD 8   Solve mathematical problems systematically, analytically, transparently, and ethically.
         LOD 9   Demonstrate leadership and accountability in the aspects of management and mathematical skills.

This programme has received accreditation by the Malaysian Qualification Register MQR and the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance aun-qa


Admission Requirement [MATRICULATION | STPM | STAM | DIPLOMA]

Programme Structure [DOWNLOAD]

 Application (For International Student) [CLICK HERE]

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