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Aug 05 2014

Guide for International Student

UUM is a centre of higher learning for a growing body of international students. Recent figures compiled by the registrar show that the UUM intake is 2,207 students coming from 42 countries.

  • Central and East Asian include Bangladesh, Brunei, China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.
  • The intake from the Middle East ranges from Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.
  • Our African contingent hails from Algeria, Chad, Nigeria and Somalia.
  • Finally, we have some representation from Canada and the United States of America.

Other key indicators include:

1,066 students are enrolled in 20 undergraduate programmes;

523 students enrolled in master programmes, while 438 students are Ph.D./DBA candidates at UUM's three colleges: College of Business (COB), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and College of Law, Government and International Studies (COLGIS).



International Student Society (ISS)

University Utara Malaysia has set up a body especially for the international student's, called The International Student's Society (ISS). This body functions as a one stop centre for the international students pertaining all of their programs, information's and issues. ISS is managed by the international students of UUM themselves for the well being of themselves. It plays a role as a channel for them to deliver their issues and request to the university and also a channel for the university provide them with information's, assistance and also conduct programs for their benefit. The ISS plays a vital role to unite the diverse international students in UUM and to provide the best in meeting their needs in UUM. The ISS runs many programs for the wellbeing of the international students such as talks, seminars, workshops, camps, classes, peer assistance and many more, The ISS consist of many exco's covering welfare, education, recreation, sports, religious and others thus they fease almost all basic needs of the international students in UUM. The ISS is also given the responsibility in assisting in the orientation program for the new international students in order for them to foster an uplifting relationship and unity among the senior and the new junior international students.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Change of Immigration Policy for Incoming International Students

Please be informed that effective 1 January 2014, all NEW international students who are pursuing their studies in Malaysia need to get their Visa With Reference (VWR) from the Malaysian Immigration prior to entering Malaysia. Students are required to submit necessary documents as stipulated in your admission offer letter. UUM will process and request the Malaysian Immigration Department to issue VWR. Upon receiving VWR from the Immigration Department, a copy of VWR will be sent to students via email. Students are required to bring a copy of VWR to their nearest Malaysian Embassy for a single entry pass. Only then the students can enter Malaysia. Without VWR, new students will be denied entry into Malaysia. Please refer to your offer letter for more details. Entry by using social pass for study purpose will further complicate and lead to many more inconveniences.

Kindly contact UUM Centre for International Affairs and Cooperation (ciac@uum.edu.my) for further help if needed.