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Examination Rules

Aug 06 2014



1.1 Every candidate is required to study the examination timetable to ensure no discrepancies arise in terms of the time and place of the examination for courses registered by the candidate. Any changes made to the timetable will be displayed at the Notice Board of every Colleges. Under no circumstances will an oversight in reading the timetable be accepted as an excuse for not attending any of the examinations.
1.2 Candidates must present in the Examination Hall at the exact time as determined. Extra time will not be given under any circumstances. All candidates must bring with them their respective identity card, examination slip and matriculation card. A candidate who fails to bring his examination slip will not be allowed to sit for the examination until he is verified as an examination candidate.
1.3 A candidate will not be allowed to bring or take out books, papers, documents or photographs from the Examination Hall, unless authorised by the examiner. A candidate can receive books, papers, documents, photographs or any other materials, as may be determined and distributed by the Invigilator in the Examination Hall.
1.4 Candidates are not allowed to bring stationary bags containing pens, pencils, rulers and calculators into the Examination Hall.
1.5 No candidate is permitted to enter the Examination Hall unless the Chief Invigilator gives the clearance to do so. Under normal circumstances, a candidate can be allowed to enter the Hall fifteen (15) minutes before the schedule examination time. No candidate can be admitted into the Hall thirty (30) minutes after the examination has commenced.

(Reminder: Candidates who are barred from sitting the examination will be given a grade 'X' with a grade point of 0.00)

1.6 A candidate is free to choose his/her seat in the Examination Hall according to the subjects being held there. Candidates are required to take their seats in a quite and orderly manner.


2.1 After taking his seat in the Hall, a candidate is required to:
  1. fill in the attendance slip and place it on the right hand corner of the table;
  2. place his identity card, examination slip and matriculation card on the completed attendance slip. The Invigilators will collect this attendance slip. Candidates are reminded to take back their identity card, examination slip and matriculation card after the said documents have been checked.
2.2 Candidates must write their matriculation number, identity card number, date, code/name of subject, lecturer's name and group (if any) in every answer sheet used.
2.3 Candidates are not allowed to smoke in the Examination Hall.
2.4 Candidates are not allowed to communicate with each other during the examination, either conversation or any other means. Candidates are required to raise their hands to deal with the chief invigilator or invigilators.
2.5 The Chief Invigilator/Invigilators will give clear signal to indicate the end of the examination. As soon as this signal is given, all candidates are required to stop writing.
2.6 The candidates must tie his answer scripts together. A candidate will not be allowed to leave the Examination Hall until all answer scripts have been collected by the chief Invigilator/Invigilators.
2.7 Candidates will be allowed to leave the Examination Hall half an hour after the Examination commences. However, no candidate will be allowed to leave the Hall fifteen (15) minutes before the examination ends.
2.8 A candidate who falls ill during the examination must inform the Chief Invigilator/Invigilators as soon as possible.
2.9 A candidate who is found to have copied or cheated or allowed others to cheat in the examination will be subjected to appropriate action in accordance with the existing Examination Rules.


3.1 A candidate who is unable to take the examination for any of the courses registered for must give his reasons in writing, by enclosing any relevant support documents, if any, to the Dean of the Centre for Graduate Studies, before or within seven (7) days after the date of the scheduled examination. Failure to provide valid reasons for not attending the examination may result in getting F grade for the subject. All enquiries regarding examination must be forwarded to the Dean of the Centre for Graduate Studies.
3.2 A candidate, who fails to sit for all the scheduled examinations without valid reasons, accepted by the board of Examiners of the University or without the prior approval of the Board will be deemed to have failed the whole examination.


4.1 Students, who wish to appeal against the results of the final examination, must send his/her appeal in writing to the Dean of the Centre for Graduate Studies within two (2) weeks after the examination result announced. Any appeal received after the stipulated period will not be considered.
4.2 Any appeal sent must state the same of the subject/ subjects for which the answer scripts are to be re-examined.
4.3 Each subject to be re-examined will be fined for RM 25 and should be sending together with the appeal letter.
4.4 The Dean of the Centre for Graduate Studies will re-examine the paper together with the original examiner. The re-examination is to determine the technical mistakes that exist in terms of addition of marks or any part of the answer not being marked or marks being given wrongly for any of the answer.
4.5 The recommendation of the Dean will be forwarded to the University Senate for approval before the student concerned is informed about the result.
4.6 Any decision made by the Dean that is endorsed by the Senate according to these provisions is final.


5.1 Interpretation of Academic Dishonesty:
  1. involves all actions by candidates who violate the Examination Regulations including plagiarism of project papers, academic exercises and others;
  2. taking an examination or preparing an assignment (project paper, thesis etc.) on behalf of someone else.
  3. If a student is found to have plagiarised, the valid certification of the thesis or dissertation released by the board of examiners maybe annulled and the Master or Ph.D qualification will be revoked.
5.2 A candidate who is suspected of academic dishonesty is required to face the Academic Dishonesty Committee comprising:
  1. The Deputy Vice Chancellor (International and Academic Affairs) or the Dean of the Faculty concerned acted as the Chairperson.


  1. Two (2) members of the Faculty Board concerned;
  2. Registrar or his representative (Secretary)
5.3 Discussions will be held as soon as possible and if the candidate is found to be guilty, the following punishments can be imposed:
  1. the candidate is deemed to have failed the examination with an F grade given to all subjects registered for during the said semester or some of the subjects taken prior to the said semester; or
  2. the candidate is deemed to have failed the examination with an F grade given to all the subjects associated with the case; or
  3. the case is referred to the Students' Disciplinary Committee.
5.4 If the Students' Disciplinary Committee found the student is guilty, one or more of the following punishments can be meted out:
  1. warning;
  2. a fine of not exceeding RM 200.00;
  3. suspension from any or all the University's facilities for a specific period as may be determined;
  4. exclusion from any part of the University for a specific period as may be determined;
  5. expelled from the University.
5.5 The Vice Chancellor, can use his discretion where necessary, to prevent a candidate who is found to have violated any of the regulations, from taking any examination or all the examinations, if he is satisfied and the evidence of prima facie exists regarding the said violation.