'Young Rich Mathematician' Service Learning Programme is Platform to Connect University Students with Communities in Improving Financial Literacy

Sintok: Community Service Learning Programme “Young Rich Mathematician” was held on 4th of December 2018 by SQQS3024 Mathematics Modelling class have left a positive impact on students, and also participants of this program. The teaching and learning process through service learning have been proven to be more impactful to apply the technical knowledge obtained in class to be transferred to community.

The focus of this programme is to transfer the knowledge of dynamical system in Chapter 2, focusing more on financial area, and tie them together with the hands-on approach of MS Excel. Such integration of knowledge is tailored to provide program that is understandable and relatable to the mass, in particular to the effort of promoting financial literacy. This programme is hoped to heighten students and communities’ ability to make wiser financial decision through every session and activities in this programme. Subsequently, this program can also improve the learning curve among students, in particular, an enabler for students to simplify difficult concept for the benefit of the mass.

young rich mathematician 2

The activities are based on the mathematics, forecasting and fundamental subjects in which the community are exposed to utilize the amortization scheme by using MS Excel as a platform in ‘Financial Modelling Using Excel’. Then, the participants are exposed to the simplest forecasting method to improve their literacy in investment. The next activity ‘Be a Millionaire’ have shown excitement, as the collective points from each activities will be accumulated throughout the programme. ‘Young Rich Mathematician’ programme also has introduced the compounding interest concept and simulation-based McDonald game in ‘Make Your Money Go Further!’.

‘Young Rich Mathematician’ program was deeply honoured with the presence of Puan Nadia Edmaz Abdul Hadi, the senior vice president of group asset management and strategy, ValueCap Sdn Bhd to join and witness all the sessions throughout the programme. Based from the response by participants through questionnaire distributed in the end of the program, the programme was a success, with 80% of participants rated 4 (the highest mark) for the items for both the facilitators (students from SQQM3024 class) and the program, and another 20% rated 3. All participant also opt to suggest others to join this program in the future. This half day program is conducted in Lab 1 STML and BT1 SQS. 

young rich mathematician 1