Industrial Talk by Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad (MIDF)

Sintok, 20 Nov: “You can mess up your life even before you start working” Mr Zulkifli Hamzah, the Head of Product Development, MIDF Investment Bank opened his talk earlier today with this strong statement, emphasizing on critical needs to understand the importance of mastering financial literacy even before students entering the job market. Through his interactive and engaging talk, he highlighted common goals that need to be achieved, i.e. to successfully achieve financial security and also to lead sustainable lifestyles. In doing so, he laid out strategies to overcome instant gratification through emotional needs to acquire certain things, versus delay gratification that will bring with it significant and meaningful purchases. One of simple strategy to follow involves with delaying purchase for another 7 days from the time we have the impulse to make a buy. He also shared traits of poor, average and wealthy people, on how they allocate the distribution of their income, expenses, saving, investment, liability and net worth. These complicated concepts are dissected in simpler manner, providing better understanding to approximately 150 students that attended this talk.

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Realizing the dire needs for Malaysian to increase their financial literacy, MIDF Investment Bank has introducing a Facebook platform named KayaBun, as part of their CSR project. Its contents are designed in particular to share good practice of personal finances, tips for better investments and finance-related education to the mass audience. The page is in dual language form.

Mr Zulkifli also exposed students with challenges in the job market that will be faced by students in the coming few years, especially in this digital disruption era. He advised students to act now to equip themselves with relevant knowledge, aggressive enough to secure good job in good and competitive company, and be prepared to always give their best. Mr Zulkifli was accompanied by Muhammad Firas Hamzah and Naqieuddin Mohd Hanim from MIDF Investment Bank.

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The talk was also attended by Associate Professor Dr Mohd Kamal Nawawi, the Dean of School of Quantitative Science (SQS), Dr Hasimah Sapiri, the Deputy Dean, Heads of Departments and SQS staff. Some potential long term collaboration between SQS and MIDF Investment Bank has also being explored after the talk.

Written by Masnita Misiran@Bakun.