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Nor Idayu Mahat (Dr.) Profile Page
Nor Idayu Mahat (Dr.)
Contact Info
Nor Idayu Mahat (Dr.)
Mathematics and Statistics Department
Researchgate: www.researchgate.net/profile/Nor_Mahat
Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualification

MSc in Statistics
PhD in Mathematics


Multivariate Analysis, Research Methodology, Probability and Statistics, Advanced Data Analysis

Research Interest

Classification and pattern recognition, mathematical computing, data analysis in Big Data, multivariate with mixed variables


• Lim Khong Chiu, Nor Idayu Mahat, Basri Rashid, Norhanim Abdul Razak and Hamimi Omar. (2016). Assessing students’ knowledge and soft skills competency in the Industrial Training Programme: The employers’ perspective. Review of European Studies, 8(1), 123 – 133.
• Syahrina Abdullah, Armanurah Mohamad and Nor Idayu Mahat. (2016). Awareness towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) among small and medium entrepreneur in Malaysia. Journal of Global Business and Social Entrepreneurship, 1(1), 77-84.
• Mansor Mohd Noor and Nor Idayu Mahat. (2015). The relative strength of preferences for association with coethnics: Malay-Malaysians and Chinese-Malaysians. International Journal of Culture and History, 1(2), 76-80.
• Lim Khong Chiu, Noor Azniza Ishak, Nor Idayu Mahat and Basri Rashid. (2015). Examining demographic and psychographic profiles of potential first-class undergraduates. Review of European Studies, 7(3), 253-264. http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/res.v7n3p253
• Lim Khong Chiu, Nor Idayu Mahat, Najib Ahmad Marzuki and Khor Phoy Hua. (2014). Student-athletes’ evaluation of coaches’ coaching competencies and their sport achievement motivation. Review of European Studies, 6(2), 17 - 29.
• Nor Idayu Mahat and Ari Warokka. (2013). Investigation on zakat as an indicator for Moslem countries’ economic growth. Journal of Global Business Advancement, 6(1), 50 - 58.
• Lim Khong Chiu, Nor Idayu Mahat, Khor Phoy Hua and Radzliyana Radzuwan. (2013). Student-athletes’ perceptions of coaches’ coaching competency at the Malaysian Public Institution of Higher Learning. World Journal of Education, 3 (1), 13 - 22.
• Shahrul Azmi Mohd Yusuf, Nor Idayu Mahat, Fadzilah Siraj and Sazali Yaacob. (2012). Noise Robustness of First Formant Bandwidth (F1BW) Features in Malay Vowel Recognition. Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 11, 147 – 162.
• Lim Khong Chiu, Abdul Razak Chik, Shahizan Hassan, Mohd Azlan Yahya dan Nor Idayu Mahat. (2010). Penilaian terhadap prestasi pelajar dan pengurusan program praktikum Universiti Utara Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Learning and Instruction, 7, 133-164.
• Mahat, N.I., Shahizan Hassan, Lim Khong Chiu, Abdul Razak Chik and Mohd. Azlan Yahya. (2009). Measuring student performance in job market through internships: A study at Universiti Utara Malaysia. Journal of Learning, 16(10), 569-582.
• Mahat, N.I., Krzanowski, W.J. and Hernandez, A. (2009). Strategies for non-parametric smoothing of the location model in mixed-variable discriminant analysis, Modern Applied Science, 3(1), 151-163.
• Nor Idayu Mahat, Wojtek Janusz Krzanowski & Adolfo Hernandez (2007) Variable selection in discriminant analysis based on the location model for mixed variables. Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, 1(2):105-122.
• Chooi-Leng Ang, Nor Idayu Mahat & Yuhaniz Hj Ahmad (2006) Service quality satisfaction of public bus service: A structural equation modeling approach. International Journal of Management Studies, 13(Special Issue):49-63.
• Bahtiar Jamili Zaini, Engku Muhammad Nazri Engku Abu Bakar & Nor Idayu Mahat (2003) Proses hierarki analitik dalam proses penilaian pelajar cemerlang. Analisis, 10(2):151-169.
• Nor Idayu Mahat & Wan Rosmanira Ismail (2002) Penggunaan kaedah analisis teguh untuk menentukan kecekapan relatif. Matematika, 18(2):137-150.


• Project: Using SPSS for Quantitative Analysis
Sponsor: Arca Biru Sdn Bhd
Duration: 2 days (2014)
• Project: Employee satisfaction at the ZF Steerings (M) Sdn Bhd
Sponsor: ZF Steerings (M) Sdn Bhd
Duration: 2 months (November 2012 – January 2013)
• Project: Determinants of the extent of dependency on foreign human resource in the construction industry
Sponsor: Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia
Duration: 9 months (December 2009 – August 2010)
• Project: Classification Studies
Sponsor: Intel (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Duration: 4 days (once in four months (July - October), 2008)
• Project: Kajian transformasi kepimpinan masyarakat Kedah.
Sponsor: FOX Consulting Sdn. Bhd.
Duration: 6 weeks (11th February – 15th March 2008)
• Project: Urban youth voters.
Sponsor: FOX Consulting Sdn. Bhd.
Duration: 10 weeks (1st November 2007 – 10th January 2008)
• Project: The study of the patterns and determinants of voting behaviour in the Chinese community.
Sponsor: Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research (INSAP).
Duration: 12 weeks (2nd July – 24th September 2007)
• Project: The study of the patterns and determinants of the voters in Penang.
Sponsor: FOX Consulting Sdn. Bhd.
Duration: 10 weeks (18th June – 26th August 2007)