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Hasimah Sapiri (Dr.)
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Hasimah Sapiri (Dr.)
Mathematics and Statistics Department
Coordinator of Business Mathematics Program

Academic Qualification

2000 Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
2002 Master of Science (Mathematics) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
2012 Doctor of Philosophy
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Operations Research (System Dynamics Simulation)


1. SQQM1003 Elementary of Managerial Mathematics
2. SQQS1013 Elementary Statistics
3. SQQM1043 Calculus 1
4. SQQM1023 Managerial mathematics
5. SQQM1063 Discrete Mathematics
6. SQQM1034 Calculus 1

Research Interest

1. Integration of System Dynamics and Risk Management approach in analyzing pension expenditure PhD research 2007- 2012- Completed Project Leader
2. The Abelianness in Group Theory Using Groups Algorithm Programming (GAP) University Grant (11422) 2006- Completed Project Leader
3. An industrial evaluation for the curriculum of Business Mathematics Degree programme Faculty Grant (10961) 2004- Completed Project Leader
4. Women Involvement in Decision Making: A Case Study in UUM Faculty Grant (10786) 2003- Completed Co-researcher
5. Application of Probability theory in Group theory UTM Grant (UTM Vote #71770) 2002- Completed Co-researcher
6. A System Dynamics Approach in Measuring Performance of Academic Staff Leads Grant (12410) 2012- Completed Project Leader
7. Development of simulation framework in analyzing financial condition of Kumpulan Wang Persaraan. University Grant (12577) 2012- On-going Co-researcher
8. A Novel Circular Representation Strategy For Starter Sets Generation In Enumerating N! Permutations. KPT-RAGS (Kod SO:12673) 2012- On-going Co-researcher
9. Impact Of Biodiesel Mandate On The Malaysian Palm Oil Domestic Demand : A System Dynamics Approach KPT-RAGS (Kod SO:12716) 2012- On-going Co-researcher
10. A Novel Integrated System Dynamics Tobacco Control Model for Preventing Smoking Prevalence and Smoking Attributable Mortality KPT-FRGS (Kod SO:12902) 2013- On-going Project Leader


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1. MQA Evaluator 2012-2017