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Hashibah Hamid (Dr.)
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Hashibah Hamid (Dr.)
Mathematics and Statistics Department
Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualification

PhD in Statistics


Statistics subjects

Research Interest

Classification analysis
Data Reduction approaches
Robust approaches


Hamid, H. & Mahat, N. I. (2013). Using Principal Component Analysis to Extract Mixed Variables for Smoothed Location Model. Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 80(1), 33-54.

Hamid, H. & Mahat, N. I. (2013). Integration of Variable Extraction and LDA for Mixed Variables Classification Problems. Modern Applied Science. (Indexed by Scopus - Accepted).

Hamid, H. & Mahat, N. I. (2012). Strategies of Handling Different Variables Reduction for LDA. Jurnal Sains dan Matematik, 4(2), 37-48.

Masnan M. J., Zakaria, A., Shakaff, A. Y., Mahat, N. I., Hamid, H., Subari, N. & Junita M. S. (2012). Principal Component Analysis – A Realization of Classification Success in Multi Sensor Data Fusion. In P. Sanguansat (Eds.), Principal Component Analysis - Engineering Applications (pp. 1-24). Croatia, Rijeka: InTech Open Access Publisher.

Hamid, H. & Mahat, N. I (2010). A New Approach for Classifying Large Number of Mixed Variables. Paper Presented at the International Conference on Computer & Applied Mathematics, 27-30 October, Paris, France.

Hamid, H. & Mahat, N. I (2010). Some Investigations on the LDA when Handling Large Number of Variables. Paper Presented at the International Conference of Applied Mathematics (AMIC) & the 6th East Asia Siam Conference (EASIAM), 22-24 June, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.