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Dean's Welcome

Aug 04 2014


Welcome to the School of Quantitative Sciences. This school offers bachelor degrees in Decision Science, Industrial Statistics and Business Mathematics supported by enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced academic staffs who are continuously improving their professional skills. Students are assured to be equipped with critical thinking, logic analysis, computational skills, and problem solving so that they are well-prepared for a wide range of careers in industry, finance, education, private sectors and government agencies.

In addition to the undergraduate programmes, the school also offers master and Ph.D programmes in Decision Science, Statistics and Mathematics. Postgraduate students have a wide variety of topics to choose from for their research. Previous and current students work in areas that include optimization, heuristic and meta-heuristic approaches to problem solving, multi-criteria decision making, simulation and system dynamics , decision support systems and IT related systems, multivariate statistical analysis, quality control, combinatorics, mathematical modeling and fuzzy topology.

We are committed to continuously review and improve the existing programmes and even to develop new ones so that our graduates are ready for the job market and meet the challenges of a complex world. We are also working very hard to provide a conducive teaching and learning environment for our staffs and students. You can count on us!


Professor Dr. Sharipah Soaad Syed Yahaya