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Aug 04 2014


Established in 2000, School of Quantitative Sciences (SQS) aims to provide graduates with scientific methods in decision making in various areas, including business, management, economics, technology, and social sciences. The school combines expertise from three main focus areas: operations research or decision sciences, statistics, and mathematics to study how people make judgements, how to produce the best possible decision to improve efficiency.

SQS offers several programmes, including  Bachelor of Sciences (Decision Sciences) with Honours (B.Sc. (Dec. Sc.) (Hons)), Bachelor of Sciences (Industrial Statistics) with Honours (B.Sc. (Ind. Stats. ) (Hons)), Bachelor of Science (Business Mathematics) with Honours (B.Sc. (Bus. Math.) (Hons)), Master of Science (Decision Sciences) (M.Sc. Decision Sciences), Master of Sciences ( Mathematics) (M.Sc. Mathematics), Master of Science (Statistics) (M.Sc. Statistics) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).