School of Quantitative Sciences (SQS) was first set up in 2000 and formerly known as Faculty of Quantitative Sciences (Fakulti Sains Kuantitatif, FSK). Following the university re-structuring in 2011, it was re-established under UUM College of Arts and Sciences and is now one of the leaders in Malaysia offering academic programmes specialising in quantitative studies. SQS aims for academic and research outcomes of the utmost possible quality. This is accomplished through nurturing and upskilling students, cultivating research culture among the SQS academic staff and students, while boosting SQS profile at both local and international levels.

As Malaysia embraces the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), SQS strives its best to instil quantitative skills in its students which eventually make them capable to analyse problems critically, systematically and ultimately, formulate the best solutions. SQS graduates are prepared to deliver competencies in complex problem solving and are well-versed in data analytics to make informed decisions in order to remain relevant and competitive in the era of rapid changes. SQS is determined wholeheartedly to shape employees of the future and empower them to lead the next generation industries through the following programmes:

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Business Mathematics)
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Decision Science)
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Industrial Statistics)
  • Master of Science (Decision Science) – Coursework and Dissertation
  • Master of Science (Data Analysis) – Full Coursework
  • Master of Science (Full Research)
  • Doctor of Philosophy

In keeping our tradition of excellence in both academic and research, SQS is constantly committed in providing a holistic and balance learning environment into areas brought forth by 4IR. Internally available expertise are here to forge close affiliation, while maintaining collaborative network with other institutions and relevant technology provider. Such mutual agreements are realized by having the formation of The Institute of Strategic Industrial Decision Modelling (ISIDM) as a Research Centre of Excellence under SQS, comprising two research units, namely Quantitative and Methods Development and Improvement (QMDI) and Decision Support and Business Intelligence (DESBI). With the emphasis to promote the field of analytics and strengthening industry-academia partnerships, SQS is obliged in bringing together the analytics community as it would improve offerings by the university and transfer of knowledge with the industry.

Everyone in SQS is keen in learning to play a better role in society and thus to inspire the nation in the long run. It’s no doubt SQS is a ‘learning factory’ and you can always count on us!

Organisational Structure


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Aida Zuliha Ibrahim
Aida Zuliha IbrahimSetiausaha Pejabatazi@uum.edu.my
+60 4928 6301
Halijah Ibrahim
Halijah IbrahimPembantu Tadbir (P/O) Kananhalijah@uum.edu.my
+60 4928 6399
Siti Muniroh Saad
Siti Muniroh SaadPembatu Tadbir P/Omuniroh@uum.edu.my
+60 4928 6397
Siti Asmahani Aziz
Siti Asmahani AzizPembantu Tadbir (P/O)asmahani@uum.edu.my
+60 4928 6398
Rafidah Mohamad Rafiak
Rafidah Mohamad RafiakPembantu Tadbir (P/O)rafydah@uum.edu.my
+60 4928 6396
Latifah Lateh
Latifah LatehPembantu Tadbir (P/O) (Kontrak)latifah@uum.edu.my
+60 4928 6394
Muhammad Fakhri Md Zain
Muhammad Fakhri Md ZainPembantu Tadbir P/Ofakhri@uum.edu.my
+604 928 6395
Mohamad Fazme Mohamad
Mohamad Fazme MohamadPembantu Am Pejabatfazme@uum.edu.my
+604 928 6393


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